24 April 2009


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Huh...what can we do?..The Israelis have stolen the land of the Palestinians and driven the Palestinians off their land...In 50's there were 711,000 Palestine refugees...but In 2005 there were 4.25 million Palestinian refugees...The Israelis beat and torture and kill Palestinian children...the surveyors concluded that ‘one-third of beaten children were under ten years old, one-fifth under the age of five... Nearly a third of children beaten suffered broken bones...fuuhhh..can u imagine dat?!..These children need help more than anyone. They look frightened, horrified, bewildered..So,we as a universal blogger stop pretending dat we had a peace world to live..let us give some support, especially we as a modern generation dat will become a leader to lead the new world..if u one of it..raise this widget into ur blog..together we support palestinians ..
kite support ramai ye..

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